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Survival RTS Game Homeseek Partners with The Iterative Collective

Greek indie studio Traptics and Singapore-based publisher The Iterative Collective are excited to announce their partnership to release Homeseek. This survival RTS challenges you to balance resource management with exploration…

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The Witness and The Looker

  Kelsey's Picks – The Witness & The Looker If you’ve played The Witness¸ you’ve likely come out the other side of it feeling accomplished and, if you’re like me……

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Niche, Breed and Evolve

  Kelsey's Pick - Niche, Breed and Evolve Niche, a Genetics Survival Game was one of the first games I covered back in my freelance game reporting career. I love…

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Knight Crawlers Create Your Crawler Contest – Winner Announced!

In celebration of the upcoming launch of Knight Crawlers in a few months, we ran a contest during one of the game's open demo periods to showcase the super fun character…

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Cult of the Lamb

Cameron's Pick: Cult of the Lamb   Cult of the Lamb puts you in the fleece of a wooly cult leader; resurrected by the deity called The One Who Waits,…

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How to Make a Pitch Deck for Your Indie Game – Putting It All Together

In part one, we discussed all the things a good pitch deck comprises. It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But if you think about it in chunks, it’s really…

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How to Make a Pitch Deck for Your Indie Game – What Information to Include

You did it! You made a game. (Congratulations!) It’s done or getting pretty close, and you’re ready to show it off. You’d like to approach publishers and let them to…

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Slime Rancher

Kelsey's Pick: Slime Rancher You’re a thousand light years away from Earth and you’ve decided to forge new frontiers and make a fortune doing something unique to this strange and…

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Why You Should Attend the Safe in Our World’s Mental Health Training for Community Managers

Cameron's first-hand experience with the course For the last two weeks, I was fortunate to attend an online training course centralized on community management mental health. The course runs through…

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8 Purrfect Cat Games

With the recent success story of Stray, a third-person cyberpunk-style adventure title that lets you see and interact with its world as a lost cat we thought it would be…

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Cameron's Pick - Evertried This week I have been engaged in the world of Evertried, a beautifully crafted isometric, tactical rogue-lite where the player ascends a mysterious tower utilizing strategy…

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Cameron's Pick - Carrion Carrion is a 2D Metroidvania with a unique reverse horror theme. You assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origins, stalking and consuming those…

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